“Support, Not Stigma”: Ryan Sutherland, MPH, interviews Beatrice Codianni, Founder and Executive Director of Sex Workers and Allies Network (SWAN), inspiration for “Esposito” of “Orange is the New Black” — Part 1 of 4

“…Our members do not feel safe talking to the police if they were raped, and with good reason. A couple of them told us that when they approached a police officer, their usual response was, ‘Well what do you expect? Look who you are, look where you are. And besides, prostitutes can’t get raped.'”

Stuti Chakraborty reiterates the COVID-CVA connection

Stroke Reimagined By Stuti Chakraborty The COVID-CVA Connection: A ‘thrombosis’ is the medical term for a blood clot. Blood clots can occur within the arterial and venous supplies of our body, but when they occur in the vasculature supplying  the brain, they lead to a deadly and potentially permanently disabling condition called ‘ischaemic stroke’. The […]

Javaid Iqbal discusses “Climate Emergency and its impact on Public Health”

Javaid Iqbal discusses "Climate Emergency and its impact on Public Health"

The i-value By Javaid Iqbal Addressing Climate Emergency and its impact on Public Health in US The goal of every health system is to keep people healthy, and climate change strikes right at the foundation of it. The effects of climate change are catastrophic and instantaneous, with the impact felt across the globe. It is […]