Public Health and the Pulpit

Zaitoon By Dr. Butool Hisam Public Health and the Pulpit Source: Wikimedia Commons Just 250 miles south of the capital of Tunisia, the northernmost African country and a hidden tourist paradise, lies the city of Al Qarawayan. Though this country is famous for its glorious sandy beaches and historical monuments, what is less known is […]

Rebecca discusses “American Education: Flawed by Design?” Part II

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True Curriculum By Rebecca Elliott, MPH Lesson 3: American Education- Flawed by Design? Part II Today we’re talking about We have to talk about this uncanny prison resemblance some more… It is good to see you again! Let’s get right into it. Last week we discussed the physical design of most modern American public schools. […]

Rebecca discusses what is “education” may really be about

True Curriculum By Rebecca Elliott, MPH Lesson 4: So if we don’t educate…what are we doing? What exactly are we teaching in schools? Welcome back! Last time we were here we wrapped up our discussion on both the inward and outward design of school-prisons, which is how I will be addressing public schools from this […]

“Support, Not Stigma”: Ryan Sutherland, MPH, interviews Beatrice Codianni, Founder and Executive Director of Sex Workers and Allies Network (SWAN), inspiration for “Esposito” of “Orange is the New Black” — Part 1 of 4

“…Our members do not feel safe talking to the police if they were raped, and with good reason. A couple of them told us that when they approached a police officer, their usual response was, ‘Well what do you expect? Look who you are, look where you are. And besides, prostitutes can’t get raped.'”