The ones I wish to reach

Zaitoon By Dr. Butool Hisam The ones I wish to reach Source: Wikimedia Commons The woman is covered in ornaments from head to toe. She is sitting underneath a colorful umbrella that is enveloping her in a shadowy hue. Not that she needs the extra colors – she’s wrapped in an eye-catching Sari with splashes […]

Breaking the ice: A glance at therapeutic hypothermia

Dr. Anne Bagenholm rescue

Zaitoon By Dr. Butool Hisam Breaking the Ice: A Glance at Therapeutic Hypothermia Dr. Anne Bagenholm rescue: Image copied from CNN Article. 20 May 1999 was the chosen date for a number of people and fate itself. For Dr. Anne Bagenholm, a surgical assistant at the Narvik Hospital, Norway, it was the day she […]

Dr. Butool Hisam discusses how misinformation is a global health crisis

Zaitoon By Dr. Butool Hisam Misinformation is a Global Health Crisis There is a Mosque named after Allama Iqbal, the ‘Poet of the East’, inside the Aligarh Muslim University in India. A road runs through with the Mosque on one side and a graveyard on the other.   On 13th May 2021, this relatively quiet […]