Dr. Ankit Raj discusses privatization of healthcare in Bihar

Lessons from Bihar By Dr. Ankit Raj Privatization of Healthcare in Bihar Swarnavo Chakrabarti I Unsplash We are gritty individuals. We survive amidst chaos and thrive, while at it. Or you could just as well say that grit is an excuse for us to not be able to change our environment or compensation for the […]

Dr. Ankit Raj discusses the death of public healthcare in Bihar

Lessons from Bihar By Dr. Ankit Raj Death of Public Healthcare in Bihar Amit Gaur I Unsplash Public healthcare or publicly funded healthcare of any nation is designed to meet its financing through the state’s coffers. Universal Health Coverage means all people have access to high-quality, timely, and affordable healthcare without suffering from financial catastrophe. […]

Dr. Ankit Raj introduces his blog: “Bihar and Public Health”

Rural Bihar - Image Credits: Dr. Ankit Raj

Lessons from Bihar By Dr. Ankit Raj Bihar and Public Health: An Introduction The peculiar events, characters, and institutions that will be the subject of one-half of this blog series belong to a non-descript region in the eastern part of India. Non-descript not because it has no distinct qualities, features, or people but because years […]