Stuti Chakraborty reiterates the COVID-CVA connection

Stroke Reimagined By Stuti Chakraborty The COVID-CVA Connection: A ‘thrombosis’ is the medical term for a blood clot. Blood clots can occur within the arterial and venous supplies of our body, but when they occur in the vasculature supplying  the brain, they lead to a deadly and potentially permanently disabling condition called ‘ischaemic stroke’. The […]

The Big Catfish

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The Big Catfish​ By Jessica Q. Honig, LCSW, EdM The Big Catfish​​ To me, the only thing scarier than my brother is the state of health care. I have woken in night terrors, at a loss of what to do for twenty years. Sharing this point of view cannot be any riskier than the situation […]

Stuti Chakraborty discusses the insidious onset of stroke: can your job kill?

Stroke Reimagined By Stuti Chakraborty Insidious Onset of Cerebrovascular Disease: Is your job killing you? Recent Developments On 17th May 2021 the World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) published the Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and Injury, of ischemic heart disease and stroke, attributable to long working hours from […]