Life in the Margins

HPHR Fellow Heather Tillewein

By Dr. Heather Tillewein

Dr. Heather Tillewein

Dr Heather Tillewein is Communications Chair for the LGBTQ Health Caucus for the American Public Health Association. She holds a PhD in Health Education from Southern Illinois University. Dr. Tillewein also holds a MPH and BHS from the University of Missouri. Her research focuses on health barriers among sexual identity and gender identity populations. Dr. Tillewein also focuses on sexual health and mental health in her research.

Blogs by Dr. Heather Tillewein

Dr. Heather Tillewein discusses artificial intelligence and gender identity

Do artificial intelligence engineers instill their own racial and gender biases? If so, how do these biases impact the lives of gender minority groups?

Foot binding depicted in "Dr. Heather Tillewein discusses body modification and gender violence"

This blog will focus on the realities of how traditional/cultural body modification reinforces gender violence due to cultural norms.

This blog will focus on the realities of conversion therapy on the LGBTQ community, and suggest policy changes to eliminate its use.

This blog will focus on the realities of female genital mutilation and female genital cosmetic surgery, and the culture and societal norms that influence their prevalence.

Student Sex Worker Image

This blog explores why students turn to sex work; the stigma student sex workers face; and recommendations on how universities can be more inclusive of the student sex work population.

This blog addresses the realities of the mail-order bride business; its impacts on migrant brides; and how the U.S. enforces regulations that affects brides' overall life in their new country.

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